Now We’re Cooking

A friend of mine teaches at a college-level chef school. A couple of weeks ago, she posted an appeal on Facebook. It seems a pupil of hers, passionate about all things fried and fricasseed, was in dire need of a part-time job. He’s a promising culinary student, but had gotten his first degree at the School of Hard Knox and currently called a shelter his home. “I really want to help him get started,” my friend wrote. “If there is anyone that knows of someone that is hiring part time cooks somewhere in Toronto, please let me know.”

A string of supportive replies followed, including one from a guy I’ll call Z, which read: “I can make this happen. Message me with a phone number I can call you with.” Another friend, M, was apparently so touched by the entire exchange that she wrote a blanket thank-you to everyone’s awesomeness.

And things did happen. Less than 10 days later, my friend wrote this exuberant-sounding update, with a shout-out to the chef who made a dream come true: “I am happy to say that thanks to Z, he is now gainfully employed! …My fingers are crossed that he has found his calling.”

I’m with M. This was an incredible show. A college instructor who cared enough to put her neck out, a guy who pulled a few strings, and a life potentially steered in a positive direction. When folks pull together, awesomeness ensures.

4 responses to “Now We’re Cooking

  1. When you let it be known what you need, someone will come through–and the help may come from someone you don’t even know. You’re so right that when we work together, awesomeness happens!

  2. Well said, Christine! Sometimes we have to get better at broadcasting what we need… but when we do, it usually works out!

  3. Amazing! Chef Walker was one of my instructors and I hope will continue to be my mentor for many years to come!

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