Eighty-Year-Old Angel

It’s heartbreaking to have a sick child, but here’s a guy who helps ease the pain just a bit. Bob Parry is a longtime volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa. He cuddles and comforts babies and little kids while giving their exhausted parents a break.

I don’t know how exactly many children Bob has of his own. But whatever the number, they’re long grown. Bob, a retired accountant, is eighty. He’s been a hospital volunteer for 18 years, ever since his own grandson was a patient here.

“I feel that sometimes I can drive home and know that, for a short time, I made a difference in that little one’s life,” he told a CBC reporter. We think you’re selling yourself short, Bob; Our guess is, the difference you’ve made to these kids is gonna last.

I don't know who is brightening up whose day more.

I don’t know who is brightening up whose day more.

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