It’s All Uphill From Here

At the end of March, my neighbour – we’ll call her “B” – had the misfortune of taking a serious tumble on the ski slopes. She came home with a broken, casted ankle, plus torn ligaments in her knee. Now that you’re squirming in sympathy pain, I’ll ease the agony by telling you just how the wondrous women in our community responded. Within a day of B’s incapacitating injury, the word had spread, and over a dozen ladies – including A, C, D and E (I kid you not!) – had planned a collection to send a decorative, yet eminently practical, fruit arrangement. Someone offered up a cane for temporary use, and another household (you might, er, guess which one) sent over a wheelchair.

The fruit arrangement arrived. I know this because B called me yesterday feeling mighty chipper. Then she penned a note of thanks to all the ladies behind the fruit bonanza. It read in part: “I have already tried a chocolate strawberry. My first indulgence in two weeks! It has perked up my mood on this dreary day… a wonderful act of kindness, and I so appreciate it!”

Well, it was a berry devastating injury, but there’s nothing like caring friends to make you feel grape – just when you think you’re plum out of positivity. (Orange you going to tell me these puns are the pits? I don’t give a fig! Oh no, stop me now…)

Q: In what way are the neighbourhood ladies like bananas? A: We come in bunches.

Q: In what way are the neighbourhood ladies like bananas? A: We come in bunches.

8 responses to “It’s All Uphill From Here

  1. Chocolate strawberry surely reduced her pain for a few hours. You have very nice neighbors.

  2. Yes, you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Not only do I have nice neighbours, I have smart neighbours.

  3. Puns, groans and all–a great post to tell us (again) about your wonderful neighbours. You are so lucky to have them–and they you!

  4. Yeah, I do tend to go on about the fantastic people in my community! That’s because they’re fantastic. Thanks for the comment, Christine! And my heartfelt apologies for the fruit puns.

  5. Where I live, the majority of our neighbours are older aged folks and *very* kind. Many of them seem to be keeping an eye out for others/each other and are first to offer help if needed.

    Also, the chocolate strawberry. Yum 🙂

  6. That’s the best kind of neighbourhood – people doing what we’re meant to do. Thanks for commenting, Dhammadude.

  7. An incredible neighbours who stands with her at her’s tuff time. It’s all about you and the people who are around you.

  8. Yes, you’re right Lisa … having good neighborhood does matter a lot in our daily life where we are striving to seek peace especially when we are at home. Trying chocolate and strawberry is a nice idea as they both are the sign of affection. Cheers 🙂

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