Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

Thanks but No Thanks

At the dinner table last night we were discussing gratitude, and ways to express it. For the first time in years, I was reminded of a token bestowed on me back when I was a teenager. I’d just finished a volunteer gig, and it so happened that one of the event organizers owned a jewellery store. As a thank you, I was thus given a silver pendant.

Now, I happen to enjoy my silver pendants, and I wear them well and often. But I’ve never actually donned this particular gift. I’ve just now gone to the trouble of digging it out of my jewellery box and taking a picture so that you, my dear readers, can see why I don’t put it on.

Not that I don’t appreciate the gift. It was kind. But I prefer to cherish it in a drawer. Come on, would you go about your business with a prominent “thank you” sign around your neck? (In the words of double-rainbow guy, what does it mean?)

I’ll take gratitude – verbally – any day. But forged in precious metal, maybe not so much.