What I Learned at School

How often do you get served cake for breakfast? Those are the mornings to cherish. When your child’s educational institution invites all its parent volunteers for coffee and treats to thank them for their service, you don’t say no.

That’s why I found myself in a classroom at 7:30 one morning this week. It was a delightful event, and I certainly enjoyed chatting with the staff and many other parents at the school.

I could tell you how friendly everyone was – and impressively chipper, considering the early hour. But the person who left the biggest impression on me was neither a teacher nor a parent at the school. It was a woman whose kids don’t even go there.

So why was she there? Turns out she’s a very active volunteer at our school. What gives? I learned that her child’s own school doesn’t have a need for parent participation, so they suggested she contact ours. “I love to volunteer,” she said to me simply. And she smiled.

Hats off to you, lady. You’re an inspiration to us all. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast cake, ’cause heaven knows you’ve earned it.

They handed each of us volunteers one of these. I accept this rose.

They handed each of us volunteers one of these. I accept this rose.

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