Free Agent

Want to find a new job? Track down your biological father? Practise your stage hypnosis act? Get someone to exercise your dog? No need to shell out for employment counsellors, private detectives, private audiences or dog-walkers. There’s another option: Call the Free Help Guy. This anonymous but charity-minded man, who makes his home in London, England, set up a website offering complimentary assistance of all types when he found himself temporarily underemployed and had some time on his hands. And, yes, he’s been giving away his time and efforts to all those causes listed above… and more.

Why reach out this way? “I hope that projects, blogs, missions like this all do their bit in making this world a slightly nicer place to be a part of!” FHG says. And why, you may wonder, has our friend opted to remain incognito as he dishes out favours, gratis? He insists he has nothing to hide, but explains: “I felt I would be more accessible to people if I was anonymous… I think if people don’t have a name, face and identity to go by, then no preconceptions can cloud their judgment of my offer of free help.” He sincerely believes he makes a more open and honest connection with people without the pesky static of extra details – like names.

“If my journey can be inspiring to anyone,” FHG adds, “then I want that inspiration to come from the act of giving, rather than the person behind it.” He’s doing something right. Our pal is currently working on project number 15… not bad, considering he started in February.

Hey, anyone whose tagline is “for the next six months I’m going to make your life better” has got my support.

I have the strangest feeling I’ve seen this guy somewhere before…

I have the strangest feeling I’ve seen this guy somewhere before…

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