Human Being John Malkovich

Meeting a movie star is thrilling. Maybe a little less so, I’ll admit, when you’re gushing blood from an artery in your neck. But still, when the blood flow is staunched by a famous actor, that’s got to be worlds better than, say, assistance from a random cat lady or a nomadic vampire or the Governor from The Walking Dead, am I right?

Jim Walpole can vouch for that. The American was in Toronto with his wife, having an enjoyable Saturday night about town, when his evening suddenly took a bizarre turn. Jim stumbled on the sidewalk, then cut open his throat on scaffolding as he fell. Blood quickly pooled around him. (Woozy yet? Shall I go on? I can wait.) Jim’s panicking wife, a retired nurse, hollered for help.

That’s when John Malkovich showed up on the scene. The highly acclaimed actor is here in town for a theatre production. He instantly stepped in to help, using his scarf to stop the blood. A nearby restaurant owner also provided aid until the paramedics arrived. According to reports, John Malkovich kept his cool and seemed to know what to do, although he hasn’t been at all interested in publicity after his dramatic rescue.

As for Jim (who is recovering, after getting stitched up) and his wife, they’re eternally grateful but didn’t actually recognized the actor in the heat of the moment. Nor are they familiar with his oeuvre. (Here’s a head start: Watch the news video here for an inadvertent title drop at 1:49.)

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