Daily Archives: June 18, 2013


Telling someone “thank you” is most definitely a good deed. Whether they lend you a hand, hold the door for you or let you bump them in line, responding with thanks is a lovely way to acknowledge the person, show your appreciation and make them feel pretty darned worthwhile.

But how about expressing your gratitude on a global level? There needs to be a word for mass-thanking everyone in your life at once. Such was my thought when I read this Facebook note a short while ago, posted by an old friend of mine:

“I want to wish family, friends and those crazy people I know, a great night’s sleep and a wonderful day tomorrow. I know I haven’t told you all enough that I am grateful for knowing you all and that without you I wouldn’t have so many wonderful memories. Mwah!”

In one sweeping status update, my friend managed to cover off on all the fortune in her life, complete with a cyberkiss finish. And I like it, I think it’s a trend that could easily catch on, I just wish I knew what to call it.

So, folks, what’s the word? Batchpraising? Thankbombing? Bulknowledgement? I’m listening…