Fun is More Than Just a Theory

Can self-improvement be fun? Sure it can – especially if you take low-carb diets and aerobic exercise out of the equation. The Fun Theory website posits that “fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.” Through the ideas on this website, people can apparently learn to litter less, recycle more, drive safely, and take more stairs. Especially when a garbage bin gives you awesome sound effects every time you use it, a speed camera enters your name into a lottery whenever you obey traffic laws, and a staircase is transformed into a hugely amusing piano keyboard that plays tunes as you step.

To check out the Fun Theory website (corporately overseen by Volkswagen, whose vehicles may or may not have a connection to fun), visit

2 responses to “Fun is More Than Just a Theory

  1. Don’t take exercise out of the equation, Lisa, just make sure it’s exercise that is fun to do. I take different kinds of fitness classes and they are fun because we support, and sometimes challenge each other in the group, and we always leave with smiles and hugs. When I teach my class, I try to make it fun and put on music that keeps us moving.
    Fun is a very important component to a healthy life, and it’s great to find it wherever we can.

  2. Aerobic workouts aren’t my personal idea of fun (I’d rather enjoy walking, garderning and swimming)… but I’ll definitely leave aerobics in your equation, Christine! Sounds like you’ve found a way to keep it happy. Have fun (pun intended)!

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