We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness, Yet

Dear reader: This is the 300th post on the 50 Good Deeds blog! Can you believe it? That means we’ve found 300 ways to talk about good deeds. And I’m convinced there are hundreds more.

Take, for example, the EXCHANGE exhibition at the Foundling Museum, which you can visit in London, England, until September. In this exhibition, ceramic artist Clare Twomey has placed more than a thousand cups and saucers on display. Each one of these cups has an act of kindness printed on the bottom. (Are you keeping count? We’re now at 1,300 ways to talk about good deeds!) Ten museum visitors a day are allowed to choose a cup to keep – but only if they pledge to carry out the good deed. All one thousand saucers are staying behind to document the deeds.

What, are you telling me you don’t live anywhere near the northwest London borough of Camden Town? Don’t fret. The artist has found a way to bring EXCHANGE to the wide world. Go to the online edition, and there’s a mechanism for 10,000 more good deeds to be carried out. (Are you still keeping count? Now we’re at… a lot.) Click on a pale blue cup icon to suggest an act of kindness, or click on a pink cup to take on one that someone else has already proposed. (Fun challenge: Can you find the one written by me?)

If this is what you mean by being in your cups, I’m all for it.

If this is what you mean by being in your cups, I’m all for it.

3 responses to “We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness, Yet

  1. Did you say that you’d clean out your bookshelves and donate the books to a charity shop? That sounds like something a writer would do–because we all have teeming bookshelves.
    This is a wonderful gesture by the artist, and by you.
    300 blog posts–that’s impressive and inspiring–which you are to me.
    Thanks, Lisa.

  2. Thank you, Christine! You’re the best. And you obviously know writers – I did the bookshelf donation just last month. But if you follow me on Twitter, you can find a link to my EXCHANGE cup!

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