Daily Archives: July 23, 2013

Tiny Little Free Libraries

Guaranteed, I’ll continue to get confused and call these “free little libraries.” But they’re actually called Little Free Libraries, founded three years ago by a guy in Wisconsin, and they’re gathering momentum all across North America and beyond. Toronto is in the midst of getting set up.

Why are these small-scale projects so appealing? Maybe it’s because these wooden boxes of books, which sit perched on posts and wear little painted gable roofs, are adorable. Or maybe it’s because the volunteer stewards pack these boxes with some of their favourite reads, just so their neighbours can borrow them, and maybe even return them for someone else to have a go. (As the website points out, you can’t steal a book if it’s already free.)

Check the map to see if there’s a Little Free Library in your area. Want to start your own? Like the idea of sharing books? Or perhaps you’re just keen on calling yourself a steward (I agree, it’s a pretty cool moniker). Helpful instructions are posted here.

You had me at “free books.”

You had me at “free books.”