Every Dog Has Its Day

There’s something about dogs – the way they want to be your new best friend in about four seconds, the way they grin with their tongues lolling, the way they’d do anything for cheese – that captures your heart. Don’t you think? That’s why it’s unfathomable that an adorable young Irish wolfhound not far from my west-Toronto neighbourhood was let loose, without collar, tags or any other form of ID, by owners who no longer wanted him.

This little guy may have had a rough start, but it didn’t take long for his luck to turn around. First he was found by Alice Woods, a dog lover. She and her husband Nick have a pup of their own – plus a sense of humour. The couple immediately went to work plastering posters around his community that said in part: “Mom or Dad, if you’re reading this please call Nick at 416-xxx-xxxx because I am crashing at his place.” Nick and Alice included their own helpful notes: “This sweet boy looks like a young James Franco, if James Franco was an Irish wolfhound mix.” The poster was shared on social media and seen by thousands of people while Nick cared for furry JF II – quickly dubbed Seamus – at home.

Finally, the owner was located. But in an unexpected and heart-rending twist, they didn’t actually want the dog back.

Still, all this advertising led to a happy ending for Seamus. “The good news is that we were contacted by an awesome family in our neighbourhood – fenced yard, two kids, one of the parents is at home, previous dog owners – who have adopted him,” Nick told me yesterday. “So the posters did work after all.”

I’m particularly attached to this story because my own family just adopted a dog. Our daughter has been lobbying for this pretty much her whole life. Her dream finally came true when a five-year-old sweetie, beleaguered by a recent series of changes and in need of a new home, came to live with us forever.

Taking in a pet is life-changing, but as a colleague told me of her own dog: “He has made our house a home.” I congratulate Alice and Nick on their loving, patient care of an abandoned and frightened dog. And I wish a lifetime of happiness for Seamus with his new family.

I have to admit our new pup looks a little like my husband, if my husband was a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer. I suspect it’s the grey beard.

I have to admit our new pup looks a little like my husband, if my husband was a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer. I suspect it’s the grey beard.

4 responses to “Every Dog Has Its Day

  1. It’s always so nice to read these “good news” stories, Lisa. Have fun with your new pup.

  2. Thanks, Christine! We are all having a good time – doggy especially!

  3. It saddens and angers me to hear about people who no longer want their ever faithful pet and think its appropriate to just dump it on the street alone, frightened, and hungry. Granted I understand that people’s circumstances sometimes change that dont include a pet but its it so difficult to find a new loving home for your family member that can’t look after themselves. Shameful !
    Glad to hear this story had a happy ending for Seamus!

  4. Yes, it’s sad to think of the distress Seamus has experienced, but what a lift to know he’s found a family who really wants him. Thanks for your comment!

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