The Future’s So Bright

What would you do if your four-year-old thought his new glasses were going to get him bullied?

First you’d probably bitterly regret our image-obsessed society for teaching a preschooler that glasses might be dorky. As someone who heard a lot of “Hey, four-eyes” growing up, I feel for this kid. But I also admire his mom, who decided to start a Facebook page called “Glasses for Noah” to help him embrace his corrective eyewear instead of dissolving into tears over it.

And I cheer the 87,000 men, women and young people from at least 30 countries around the world who have posted encouraging words – not to mention photos of themselves sporting their own fashionable glasses – to help little Noah accept his specs.

The best news? All this benevolence has worked its magic. Noah is happier about his new look, his mom has reported.

“Thank you SO much for all of the photos – Noah is LOVING them!!” she’s written (enthusiastically) on Facebook. “Y’all are amazing and we would give each of you a hug if we could!!!”

Oh Noah, how could you think for a second you’re not as cute as a button?

Oh Noah, how could you think for a second you’re not as cute as a button? (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

6 responses to “The Future’s So Bright

  1. Glad Noah is happy. I think he looks very handsome.

  2. Quite a handsome young man. Cary Grant wore glasses and Wow!

  3. I like the way you think, Linda!

  4. I think he will find a growing number of kids wearing glasses. We noticed that almost half of the kids in the class our son Jeremy was teaching in Korea wore glasses, and the trend is likely here too. This style is very cool.

  5. Yes, you’re right! Lots of kids are wearing glasses, and I know some pretty young ‘uns, too. Not just stylish, but adorable as well!

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