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And It Won’t Even Show Up On Your Credit Card

Over the holiday break, I had some free time in front of the computer. (Who didn’t? This was our opportunity to watch trailers for all the movies we want to see, figure out that song lyric that’s been driving us crazy (we’re still not sure just what Bon Iver is singing in “Holocene,” but we’ve established that it’s NOT “shake and bake and stick with herbs”), and get reacquainted with that video dog who loves the maple-flavoured bacon.

I’m also on a mission to find a reasonably priced dining table for a friend in our national capital region. So there I was, nosing around Craigslist Ottawa, when I came across a special giveaway under the “Free” section titled: “Good Karma.” I clicked on it, and apparently in so doing, affirmed my faith in positive vibes:

GOOD KARMA.. You opened it so you believe in it too.
Something good will happen to you between 12:00pm to 9 am tomorrow. No catch.it could happen anywhere , anytime. To spread the positive Karma, repost this in another city in the next 10minutes.
you will get the shock of your life tomorrow. i believe . i hope you do too.
what do you have to lose??? just do it. just believ.

Okay, so it’s riddled with typos and reads like a chain letter. It’s kinda cute nonetheless. Spreading positivity? What could be wrong with that?

Apparently, something is. Because when I checked the listing later, I found a one-line message instead: This posting has been flagged for removal. What that means is that several Ottawa residents decided free karma is a violation of the Craigslist terms of use. I’m not sure which portions of the agreement were specifically breached (was it considered offensive? Threatening? Stolen property? Non-local content? A pyramid scheme?). But, sadly, this positive giveaway has had the kibosh put on it.

No matter. On this blog, you can be as positive as you want and no one will flag you. I promise. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Say it like you mean it!

Even this smiley-faced tree kangaroo is brimming over with good vibes.

Even this smiley-faced tree kangaroo is brimming over with good vibes.