Joy with Toys

As a little girl, I was devoted to the wooden dollhouse my grandfather had handcrafted for us. It had a red-painted roof, a staircase and railing, tiny doors that opened and closed, even a separate bathroom. I spent about a zillion hours playing with that house, pleasantly immersed in the dramatic (albeit imaginary) lives and times of the little rubber people who lived there.

So when I heard that an 81-year-old man from Montana has spent the last two years putting together dollhouses for children of needy families, I knew what a mega-gift that is.

Earl Hurshman, a retired steel fabricator, lost his wife in 2011. While visiting her grave, Earl was inspired to do help others – could practically hear his departed wife’s voice nagging him to “get off your ass and do something,” he says in this interview.

Each dollhouse costs him $200. Some of that money is donated from others. The rest he ponies up himself (he lives on social security cheques). The beautiful finished toys mean the world to the children who receive them.

Check out his words of wisdom in this video report: “It’s what we do between the cradle and the grave that makes a difference,” Earl points out.

Earl has always been good with his hands. Now there’s proof he’s good with his heart.

2 responses to “Joy with Toys

  1. Earl is actually from Missouri not Montana
    and a SUPER Good guy

  2. Thanks for this, Bob! Clearly, the news reports got it wrong. You obviously know Earl well… he does sound SUPER!

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