Going for Gold

By now you may be infected through and through with Olympic fever. And why not? If you’re Canadian, like me, it’s a high time to hail from the north. You have to admit we (or, rather, our countryfellow representatives) have put on a fine show of kindness on the international stage. Take, for example, the Canadian coach who rushed to lend a cross-country ski to a Russian athlete as he struggled to reach the finish line on broken equipment. Then there’s the Canadian speed skater who qualified for a medal event, but gave his spot to a teammate whom he felt had a better chance to win the race (reliable instincts, as it turned out; the teammate took a silver medal).

Then there’s this incredibly awesome commercial released by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion in response to anti-gay sentiment in Russia. Over a slow-mo video of two luge players manoeuvering their respective pelvises on a sled (you sort of have to see it), the ad declares: “The games have always been a little gay… Let’s fight to keep them that way.”

We help the downtrodden, we support our team, we speak up for human rights. Like our curling team will tell you: Canada rocks.

4 responses to “Going for Gold

  1. I am a fellow Canadian and I have been a proud of the way our athleteshave represented us. Good post. Judy Allen Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:04:31 +0000 To: theal@sympatico.ca

  2. Our athletes and coaches have been outstanding, and so supportive of each other and everyone on the team, and in their individual sports. They are showing true Olympic spirit. I loved hearing about the beer fridge that is only accessible with a Canadian passport, but apparently there’s some “buying” going on. As you said, Canada rocks–and so do you, Lisa!

  3. I too enjoyed hearing about the beer fridge! Nice to know our reps are sharing their brewskis with non-Canadians. Yet another act of kindness. Thanks for the comment, Christine!

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