Daily Archives: July 1, 2014

Special Delivery

Flagging down a speeding vehicle was all in a day’s work for Gordon Cameron, a newly minted police officer in Edmonton, Alberta. But he certainly didn’t expect to be met by a panicked father-to-be, who came flying out of the car hollering about his wife having a baby. The dad went for help, and a stunned Gordon helped with the birth – in the back seat, no less.

That was 1962. Later, Gordon couldn’t even recall if the newborn infant was a boy or a girl. But every year, on the baby’s birthday, Gordon wondered whatever had happened to her.

And as he neared his 80th birthday, the retiree was driven to find out. Two years ago, with the help of an investigator, Gordon tracked down the parents and learned that baby Terri was now living in Moncton, New Brunswick, where she works as a nurse.

Thus it was that when Gordon made plans to attend the funeral of three Moncton RCMP officers who had fallen in the line of duty, he brought Terri’s parents’ phone number with him. He hoped he might have a visit with the not-so-newborn while he was in town.

But at the funeral, 81-year-old Gordon “took a spell,” as they say out east. Because of the phone number in his pocket, Terri got a phone call. And because she’s a nurse, she rushed right over to the hospital’s emergency department, where she could finally meet Gordon – and look after him as he recovered.

“I was able to be just there for him and his family, like he was there for me 52 years ago,” Terri said in a radio interview.