Puppies by the Truckload

I don’t know exactly what Greg Zubiak expected to see when he took a stroll through a field near Glaslyn, Saskatchewan on Friday. We know he had moose hunting on his mind. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect to stumble across a series of boxes strewn around the field. And I’m positive he didn’t think they’d be stuffed with tiny puppies – 20 in total.

“As I walked up, they all just kind of looked at me, and I guess my moose hunt was over,” Greg said in a news story. He added that it didn’t take much coaxing on his part before they all came running.

I guess they know what heroes look like.

The puppies were cold, hungry and full of fleas, but oh, so cute. After Greg had retrieved all of them, he literally took the clothes off his back – and used them to build a warm nest in the back of his truck. Then he delivered the bunch safely to a local humane society.

Although they’d been abandoned, these 20 are luckier than you might initially think. Lucky, because Greg found them on Friday and not Saturday. He says the area is rife with coyotes and there’s no way the pups would have survived overnight.

At the Battlefords Humane Society where the puppies are hanging their hats for now, space is tight. Staff here have never looked after more than 11 animals at a time, and with the arrival of the Glaslyn puppies, they’ve now got almost 40 dogs under their care. But they sensibly reached out on social media. And the responses – including money, food, puppy toys and adoption offers – have poured in. (They still need more volunteers to help care for the crowd, so if you live nearby and like little furballs, get in touch.)

The puppies were all born between three and five weeks ago, says the vet who examined them. They’re believed to be from two or more separate litters – they seem to have bits and pieces of husky, collie, retriever and German shepherd in their blood – but they’re all 100% pure cuteness. Ahh, puppies. Am I right?

“See, Daisy? It IS possible to hitchhike without opposable thumbs.”

“See, Daisy? It IS possible to hitchhike without opposable thumbs.”

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