Smoke Gets In Your Eyes… No, Wait, It’s Happy Tears

If you’d met Hector Montoy a few months ago, he’d have seemed to you like a typical nine-year-old kid. Hector had been saving up his allowance for the past year, with his sights set on a PlayStation 4. That’s commendable, of course. It’s nice to see a kid with the patience to save up for something special, instead of blowing his weekly allowance on candy or comic books. But it’s not remarkable.

Then came the gamechanger. Hector, who lives in Grande Prairie, Texas, heard a news report about a mother and child who’d lost their lives to a fire. A smoke detector might have saved them. They didn’t have one.

Hector was astonished. He knew how important it was to have smoke alarms in the home, and hadn’t realized anyone went without them. “It really hurts my heart,” the boy is quoted as saying.

Suddenly, his need for a PlayStation 4 didn’t seem as dire. Precious Hector took his stash of cash – about $300 – and spent it instead on dozens of smoke detectors, which he and his local fire department proceeded to install for community members who needed them.

“Saving a life is more important,” he explained to a TV news channel.

Not that Hector no longer wanted a PlayStation 4. He simply revised his plan. He’d start saving again… from zero.

Never underestimate the ripple effect. Teenage brother-and-sister team Ashton and Peyton Harder heard Hector’s story, felt various heartstrings appropriately tugged, and put their own money together to buy, and personally deliver, a video game console for this little lad.

The Harders also donated another $150 for smoke detectors.

Happy Hector has said he, too, will keep the campaign going. That was a few months ago. I’ve tracked down his GoFundMe page (here). It hasn’t had a lot of activity, but things can change.

That’s a lesson Hector has already learned.

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