Another Kindness Campaign (So Much More Fun Than Politics)

When I’m searching for goodness, I don’t find it requires a whole lot of effort. It’s not as challenging as, say, searching for a pot of gold, or a cure for cancer. There’s goodness on my street, on the bus, at the grocery store (if only I could say the same about the pot of gold!). In fact, any time I wanted, I could close my eyes, walk down the sidewalk and crash into goodness within about fifteen seconds – if I didn’t collide with a telephone pole first.

Be that as it may, “Search for Goodness” is the name of this country’s newest nationwide kindness campaign. The company behind Shreddies cereal just launched it this week to identify and promote Canada’s most heartwarming stories of goodness.

Last year, sisters Emma and Julia Mogus of Oakville, Ontario, captured Canadians’ hearts – and the top goodness award – with their book donations to isolated northern communities. The year before that, Greg Epp of Saskatoon was recognized for his dedicated work maintaining a skating rink in his neighbourhood.

Emma, Julia and Greg may be wonderful people. They probably are. But we all know they’re not the only Canadians making a difference in our communities.

Starting now, you can nominate one of the other ones.

The Search for Goodness campaign winner will get a chance to inspire the nation in a TV spot. (And there may be more surprises… a year’s supply of breakfast cereal? We don’t know, but stay tuned!)

Nominations are open until May 10. After that, you can go back to the website every day to vote for the story that made you bawl the most happy tears, or compelled you to hug your dog, or otherwise moved you in no uncertain terms.

Visit the campaign website here.

Most of all, I love serial acts of kindness (get it?).

Most of all, I love serial acts of kindness (get it?).

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