Gang for Giving, a.k.a. The Sweet Squad

There are book clubs, there are study groups, there are dragon boating teams. Then there are good deed clubs. One of these is based in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Oh, sure, these people may call themselves the Keeping Fit Exercise group instead of the Benevolence Brigade or something like that. And, yes, they may do a few knee bends and side crunches when they get together.

But I am pretty sure that’s just a cover. Because when the members of this club aren’t burning calories, they’re devoted to performing acts of kindness. They surprise their neighbours in need with free groceries and gas money. They give up their own birthday presents, diverting the money instead to helping others. They hand out generous gift cards. They’ve been meeting for seven years, and in that time they’ve quietly made a difference to a lot of people in their community.

Maybe no longer quite so quietly. Recently, 80-year-old Lois Campbell was the delighted (albeit gobsmacked) recipient of one of the group’s gift cards. She was determined to find a proper way to express her appreciation. We suspect it was Lois who alerted the media. She also invited the entire Keeping Fit Exercise group to her house for a festive time that included homemade treats and hand-knitted mittens for every single member.

Fresh-baked desserts and warm hands… I can’t think of a better way to say thank you. “I love them all, I’m going to call them all my family now,” Lois says in a news story.


2 responses to “Gang for Giving, a.k.a. The Sweet Squad

  1. Yet more evidence of the health benefits of exercise. Get together as a group to exercise and become a good deeds group. Katherine

  2. It must be the endorphins – am I right, Katherine? Thanks for the comment!

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