Garden-Variety Good Deeds

Anyone who shops at garden nurseries on a regular basis knows that the bill adds up faster than you can say “variegated sedge.” That’s one reason why gardeners get so much joy out of dividing and sharing their own perennials. All those flowers, ferns and other freebies can save you a pile of cabbage.

Another reason is more fundamental. It seems to me that gardeners like finding new places for our plants because it means we’re spreading a little bit of beauty to one or two more corners of the world.

Last week my hubby and I visited a private garden where the homeowner and resident cultivator invited us to browse through her flowerbeds, point at perennials that caught our eye, and bring parts of them home to start a new life. She’d never met us before – we were introduced by a mutual friend. She may never see us again (although I did promise we could return the favour, anytime she wanted!). But thanks to her, new patches of sweet woodruff, tall woodland sunflower and green lady’s mantle are now taking hold in our own back yard.

I could go on and on about the good deeds that constantly crop up (hee hee, “crop”) among gardeners. In fact, I’ve discussed this in other blog posts, here and here. But for now I’ll just share this woman’s parting words, as we loaded up our van with pots large and small:

“Gardening is a lesson in generosity.”

It certainly all felt very generous to me.

P.S. If anyone knows the name of the mystery silver perennial that's front-and-centre in this pictue, we'd love to hear from you...

P.S. If anyone knows the name of the mystery silver perennial that’s front-and-centre in this pictue, we’d love to hear from you…

7 responses to “Garden-Variety Good Deeds

  1. It looks like Silver Artemesia. 🙂

  2. By Jove, you could be right.

  3. What you get having a mom who is an AVID gardener! In fact, if you want to take a day trip out to Port Dover this summer, she will GLADLY show off her garden and give you plenty of plants to take home! 🙂

  4. Sounds like we have the same mom! If mine lived near Toronto, she would have ID’ed this plant for me. Nice to know your mother’s influence has rubbed off on you as well!

  5. I’m not sure about the silver mound, judging by the formation when it was in the ground. But I’d vote for silver queen, which is another variety of artemisia – I found photos online after Lorin posted her suggestion! Anyway, silver mound, silver queen, silver bells… not much difference!

  6. We’ll know for sure if “clusters of silvery white flowers” come out in late summer!

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