Take a Seat, Buddy

Grown-ups have the office water cooler. Animals have their watering hole. Writers, well, I suppose writers have bars.

Now school kids have the buddy bench.

What do these all hubs have in common? They’re gathering places. Folks seek them out when they’re looking for company. They’re where you can chat about the game last night, or complain about the traffic this morning – or, in the case of third-graders, perhaps compare notes on the latest Pixar movie.

And just kick a ball around.

The buddy bench is a recess hangout for lonely kids who want to make friends. Think of it this way: The buddy bench is a (bigger) variant of the spare-penny tray, the one you used to see at the store checkout counter. Need a friend? Take a friend. Have a friend? Give a friend.

I don’t know who thought of this first. But I do know it was brought to our continent by a grade-one student named Christian in York, Pennsylvania. He saw an online photo of a friendship bench on a German playground, thought it was wunderbar, and lobbied his own school to install one. The bench has since been added to an ever-increasing number of playgrounds across North America.

It came to Rick Hansen Public School near Toronto, and school parent Rachel Stewart was so delighted by the idea that she’s started a crowdfunding campaign to get the benches into dozens of other Ontario schoolyards.

She knows they can make a difference. Rachel’s had to move her son Owen to a new city and school three times. She’s seen how hard he’s worked to establish new friendships each time. The buddy bench helps eliminate barriers.

Hear how Owen tells it on her crowdfunding page: “When I was new, I sat there and someone came to me and asked me to play. I felt happy. And now when I see kids on it, I ask them to play with me… We all do.”

Need a buddy, take a buddy.

Unlike a penny, it’s priceless.

There’s always room for more: Owen is happy to scootch over.  (Photo courtesy of Rachel Stewart)

There’s always room for more. Owen is happy to scootch over. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Stewart)

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