Happy New Year, and Peace Out

Picking up some other dog’s poo is a little like changing the diaper of someone else’s baby. It’s just so much more disgusting than dealing with your own infant’s nappy, the contents of which are somehow less gross and more perfect. But my daughter walks three or four dogs besides our own, so she’s somewhat inured to the filth factor. And when she’s picking up after our pooch, spots a towering turdpile that another dog owner failed to collect, and reaches over to get that one too, I can’t help but admire her fortitude.

I’m trying to tie this into a New Year’s theme. As we slit open the shrink wrap on our new songbird wall calendars (you all have one too, right?), we’re probably reflecting on what a 12 months it has been. Without question, there have been devastating tragedies. They’ve touched total strangers across the ocean, and people we know, close to home.

But these horrific events don’t define us. And they don’t ever, it seems, transpire without a responding surge of human compassion, sustenance and love. I suppose in that way, maybe these tragedies do define us.

I continue to steadfastly believe in what science keeps demonstrating – that we are designed to do good. As much as this year has had its moments of utter dogcrap, there have been countless counterpointing miracles of giving, sharing, kindness and caring.

It’s what we do.

I wish you all joy in your hearts this holiday season. And if, as you go about your day, you happen to spot a little poop – literally or metaphorically – hey, why not clean it up?


As we ring in 2016, let’s all take a little inspiration from Andie MacDowell’s character in Groundhog Day, and raise a glass to world peace. Catch you on the flip side. (Photo courtesy of Theeradech Sanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

5 responses to “Happy New Year, and Peace Out

  1. Hi Lisa: I’ve enjoyed reading your posts throughout the year. Only the best in 2016.

  2. Thank you so much for the good wishes, Linda! Happy holidays to you!

  3. Love this Lisa! Let’s all do our best to pick up a little “dog poop” along the way. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Hear, hear! Happy 2016 to you as well, and here’s hoping for more peace, less poop!

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