How to be Jollier on the Job

Do you hate your job? Resent your boss? Are you counting the hours (or shirking your responsibilities and reading blogs like this one) until you can punch the clock and just go home?

Let me share with you a few simple ways to rekindle your work passion. You could invest in a high-grade, fully automatic espresso machine for your cubicle. You could fly around to all your meetings with a jet pack. Or you could be more helpful at work.

I’ll warrant that last idea is, by far, the cheapest.

There’s even a term for this: “office altruism.” It’s when you take time to help your colleague polish her big presentation. You offer to proofread your co-worker’s grant proposal. You wash the communal dishes in the lunchroom. Whichever way you do it, apparently, you’ll end up happier on the job.

That’s what researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison claimed in a paper. They shared evidence that people who put a higher priority on helping others in the workplace were happier decades later.

What does that mean for someone like me, I wonder, who works in an office of one – and a home office, at that? Does it count that I occasionally crouch over my dozing dog and charitably give her a fine belly rub? It certainly lifts my spirits when I do. And she seems to like it.

Hmm, I think I’ve stumbled on an interesting new research direction for the folks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison…


She’s downright euphoric. Must be a mighty helpful person around the call centre. (stockimages /

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