Daily Archives: November 1, 2016

Zombies for Good, Not Evil

Grawwll arrgghh yeeergggh… That’s zombie-talk for: “We’re not all of us heartless, brain-eating monsters.” Guess what? The undead can do good work. In five Quebec communities yesterday, zombies – or, rather, students enrolled in various healthcare-related programs – doused themselves in fake blood and entrails. (Hey, they’re med students. They’re not squeamish.) They then went door-to-door promoting the importance of organ donation.

And over the weekend in Cambridge, Ontario, zombies marched – or, rather, lurched and staggered – through the local farmer’s market. They didn’t mean to put you off your fresh red tomatoes. They, too, only aspired to raise awareness about donating organs.

Now for the public service announcement you knew was coming. Organ donation saves lives. A single donor can rescue eight people from certain death, and improve the quality of life for 75 others in need.

In Canada, we’re on board with the idea. We’ve been polled; ninety percent of us support organ donation… in theory. We just don’t seem to put our money where our guts are. Only one in five of us has actually made arrangements to donate our organs after we’re done with them, such as signing a donor card or registering online as a donor. The consequence? Many Canadians die waiting for the transplant they critically need.

And since, of course, zombies are the stuff of science fiction, these people don’t actually come back.


If you look real close, you’ll notice that cell phone users can sometimes also be zombies. (Wait, isn’t that the classic definition of a modern-day teenager?)