Light My Fire

There are many ways to make a difference, and Toronto’s firefighters do it in the buff. Well, the semi-buff, anyway, which is good enough for us.

If you haven’t yet hung up a new year’s calendar – or if you just enjoy staring at photographs of bare-chested hunks who routinely put their lives on the line to protect others (is it getting hot in here…?), it’s not too late to order a copy of the 2011 Toronto Fire Fighters Calendar. All net profits from sales go to cancer research.

Firefighter calendars from past years are also on sale through the website. If you’re wondering what anyone could possibly want with an outdated calendar, then clearly you haven’t perused the online sample pics. March 2010 made me gasp out loud. And October 2009… well, no words are necessary.

Purchases can be made through an online order form. And throughout this year, every time you flip to a delicious new month in your calendar, you’ll be able to remind yourself you’re just doing your bit for charity.

P.S. While you’re on the web, stop in at Zoomer magazine’s home page for a newly posted story about this very blog. Thank you, lovely Zoomer people, for helping to spread the word!

9 responses to “Light My Fire

  1. Nice article. About how many followers do you have on your blog now? Do you find that it takes a lot of time to repond to their comments?

  2. Thanks, Debbie. People view the blog through RSS feed, subscription, Facebook and Google search… I enjoy the comments when they come in, many are insightful and some of them are seriously touching. So far, I haven’t found it at all onerous to respond. Enjoy your day!

  3. I tried finding you on facebook and could not. What should I be searching for?

  4. I was just referring to my friends network on Facebook. I don’t actually have a Facebook fan page set up for 50 Good Deeds… why don’t I? Perhaps that’s something for the to-do list!

  5. Ok Lisa I’m thinking September and December 2009 are really memorable. and where to begin with 2010. I didn’t see photos for the 2011 on the site but yes they are the stuff of legends . You did your good deed today just sharing these. Veronica

  6. Lisa I went on line to buy one and it said the event is over. Chapters website said it was not available where else do you look?

  7. Hi Veronica, the launch party and signing events are over but you can still buy the calendar through this web page:
    Hope it works for you! You’re a very noble person to be supporting such a worthy cause – and, from the sounds of it, you also appreciate fine art.

  8. Jane Langille and I Tweeted this link on Twitter. We need to share our Canadaian Fine Art with the world.

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