It’s not every day that I watch a total stranger cook in his underwear.

Nor is it every day that a man installs four cameras in his home to broadcast himself in his skivvies, live, for twenty-five days straight.

This is where charity gets highly entertaining. Mark from Toronto is a testicular cancer survivor. He wants to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. So he’s got his own web page, sponsored by male undergarment manufacturer Stanfield’s Ltd. The deal is, he wears a different (we assume fresh) pair of Stanfield’s underwear every day. And for every Facebook “Like” up to 25,000, Stanfield’s donates a dollar to the Canadian Cancer Society, so long as Mark holds out for the full twenty-five days.

Never underestimate the power of a guy in gitch. Mark collected 25,000 “Likes” by day 7. That was yesterday.

You’ve got eighteen more days to hang out on Mark’s web page. In addition to the Likes and the live cams you can watch the video trailer, chat, read about testicular cancer and donate to cancer awareness. There are bonus “donation challenges.” Mark promised to fry bacon in a state of almost-undress if he raised $500 from website visitors. That happened three days ago. If Mark raises another $500, he’ll get a chest wax. Here’s the ultimate commitment: For $1000 he’ll get a tattoo. He’s more than halfway there. He hasn’t specified exactly where this spiffy new tat is going, but regardless it promises to be a lasting memento of his incredibly wacky and incredibly worthy good deed.

Check it all out here, on the official The Guy At Home In His Underwear website.

5 responses to “UnderWHERE?

  1. Interesting website http://guyathome.com/ the guy in his underwear.
    Big difference from the “Look at me, Look at your man now look back at me..” He’s just an every day guy with a great cause.

  2. You’re so right, Veronica. And this just in: Stanfield’s has called Mark to tell him that they’ll contribute another $25,000 if he gets another 25,000 “Likes.” This is what thousands of supporters can do when they join forces!

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  4. It’s somewhat creepy being able to watch him working at his computer or doing things in his house. I was looking for his Facebook Like and couldn’t find it though.

  5. I agree – Underwear TV is bizarre, but for a good cause! You may need to be logged in to Facebook first. Then try going to his website, http://guyathome.com. There should be a “Like” button near the top left of the page. If that doesn’t work, go into Facebook itself and do a search for The Guy At Home In His Underwear.

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