Happy Birthday, Whoever You Are

If you happen to be one of the 19 million people celebrating a birthday today, please accept my heartfelt wish for many happy returns of the day.

This weekend my daughter partied with one particularly philanthropic friend, a birthday girl who has been asking for charity donations in lieu of gifts for about the past three or four years. After all, who needs another Princess Charm School Barbie when you could be helping people in need? Did I mention I love this little girl to pieces? At my daughter’s own birthday parties, her friends have given up loot bags for several years running so they could send a beehive or a goat or a year’s worth of school lunches to a family on the other side of the world.

Children, as you know if you’ve met any, have a finely honed sense of fairness. Maybe that’s why they so generously help others when given half the chance. You know that Canadian Blood Services motto, “It’s in you to give”? That’s what I think about kids. They may be made of sugar and spice and puppy dog tails, but most of them are also full to the brim with kindness.

Birthday cake with candles

We have cake on the light side, too.

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