Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

Baby, It’s Warm Inside

Experts who study the science of kindness will tell you that the warm fuzzies of doing good deeds are real, and documented. One of the latest scientists to prove this is social psychologist Dr. Lara Aknin at the University of British Columbia. She and her team recently found that toddlers – yes, we’re talking about tots not yet two years old – got more pleasure out of sharing a treat with others than getting a treat themselves.

Ever think you’d read the expression “warm glow of giving” in a research study paper that also talks about “proximate mechanisms that sustain prosociality”? Yep, even Ph.D.s find this stuff fascinating.

Nature is a smarty pants. That good feeling after giving helps ensure we do it again and again… and we all know by now that helping is healthy!