Daily Archives: August 24, 2012

Spread Too Thin

I’m not above highlighting a company motto that generates goodwill. I’ve written about Maxwell House’s “optimism breaks” (think kindness with coffee), and about Druxy’s “Be Good Today” messages, stamped on their sandwich wrappers like so many little notes from Mom.

When I opened a jar of peanut butter the other day, I was somewhat tickled to see a cheery message planted especially where the nut-tolerant types would see it. On the foil seal, I was advised to “SpreadTheFeeling.ca.” Some affectionate X’s and O’s were thrown in for good measure.

Well, I like talking about spreading feelings as much as the next person – maybe just slightly more – so I eagerly logged onto the website, expecting some optimistic messages or good deed ideas or, at the very least, a laughing baby.

Imagine my indignation when instead I was automatically shunted to the main site for Kraft peanut butter – hey, I came for inspiration, not a recipe for peanut-butter cones with jam, gummy bears and mini marshmallows (no, not kidding). Where were the X’s and O’s I was promised?

I’d hate to leave you for the weekend without detailing an actual good deed. For the record, while I was in a coffee shop writing this, the guy at the next table borrowed my spare pen. I didn’t exactly spread the feeling. But at least I didn’t force him to eat a peanut-butter cone.

Photo of the foil seal on a jar of peanut butter

All was not lost – my toast was pretty good.